Canada topped the list as one of the most educated countries of the world. Canada has very high academic standards ensuring students good future career prospects. Canada’s degrees are also recognized all around the globe giving students millions of opportunities to work in different countries as well, after obtaining a degree.

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Canada is a country full of opportunities for talented people that want to attain a comfortable lifestyle in a stable and progressing economy. Canada offers thousands of jobs for immigrants coming from different countries. The Canadian Government has devised friendly and easy policies for immigrants that wish to work in their country.

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Permanent resident card allows an immigrant to become a permanent resident of another country. Permanent residents are actually citizens of another country. Refugees arriving from other countries may achieve the status of a permanent resident through either a Government-Assisted Refugee Program or Private sponsorship of Refugee Program.

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Canada possesses an exceptionally stable economy and a diverse creative group of entrepreneurs. It is considered to be one of the safest countries to start a business. It also has low statutory and marginal effective tax rates for businesses. Canada welcomes immigrants that want to invest in projects in Canada as well and provides them with attractive funding programs

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